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Friday, February 9, 2018

~Part 1: Social Media Tips~ For New Indie Authors

Social Media can be a bit overwhelming. 
Here are a few tips I would like to share just to get you started.

Facebook Page- Create a Facebook page separate from your personal page.
Ø  This will help:
                    Increase Exposure to Potential Customers
                    Gather Leads/followers
                    Reach a Target Audience
                    Build Brand Loyalty
                    Increase Web Traffic
Ø  Post 2 times per day
Ø  Create a cover reflecting the genre your writing
Ø Post about your book, writing, events, and giveaways
Ø Post 14 times per day 12a to 10p
Ø  Use #hashtags. You will find that your audience will grow more, and you will get followers.
Ø  Add a bio mention you’re an author and the genre you write
Ø  Create a cover page gear towards your genre
Ø  Example: Check out my twitter profile @cs_dorsey 
Ø  Change your WordPress blog theme
Ø  Link your blog to all your social media accounts
Ø  Post at least 2 times per week
·       Note: the more you post you will gain readers.
Ø  You can also invite feature authors to do a guest post          
Ø  Add your writing to your experience and skills
Ø  Be sure to add your book as one of your publishing

Contact me for a FREE! evaluation of your social media pages. 
I will give tips and suggestion.  Also if you need a cover for your social media, feel free to contact me. I will give you a quote and recommendations. 

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