"And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions." Joel 2:28

Friday, August 31, 2012

Transition, The Chimers Hunters Series ~Excerpt~

Transition, The Chimera Hunter Series

The Chimera a race so old, the humans relegated them as a myth. The Gods feared the Chimeras’ powers; they believed they were a deadly race, with physical abilities beyond belief. So, they split their race in half condemning them to wander the earth, searching for their other half to be complete. Without their sodalis, each was destined to live life without dreams, without love, without hope. The future rested on finding their one true mate for life.

SHELBY O’NEILhas led a solitary life with her parents. So when she goes to school at Washington State University, she believes her life has just begun. Now in her second year, the dreams begin. She dreams with the same man, night after night for months. When her dream world becomes her reality, and her life becomes a danger zone, she quickly learns to trust the one man who has thrown her into this new and dangerous world.

DEVELON COLEis Chimera and his race has been on earth as long as humans. His people are desperate to find their one true mate for life, and Develon has just found his, in the small college town of Pullman Washington. His goal is to protect her against the hunter’s and guide her into who she was always destined to be, his sodalis, his mate.

Author Bio

Megan S. Johnston is a freelance writer and entrepreneur living in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to writing fiction, she runs several family-owned and operated businesses, which she started over twenty years ago. She is an avid reader of paranormal romance and a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association.  She has four children and seven grandchildren and lives with her husband and two dogs in Woodinville, Washington. Transition is her début novel.

An excerpt from Chapter 4 of Transition

Shelby awoke with a gasp. She struggled violently to free herself from her tangled web of bedding that was wrapped around her legs. Uttering a muffled curse, she finally fought free. She wondered, was it the bitter cold permeating her flesh or the scratching sound at her window that had awoken her?
She sat up slowly, squinted, trying to focus her eyes in the darkness that still enveloped the room. No wonder she was freezing, she mumbled to herself. She unraveled the blankets, then tucked her bare legs back underneath. She pulled the blanket up as close to her chin as possible, trying to get warm. She shivered. If she had night vision, she would be able to see her breath in the cold air as it escaped with each outward breath. She turned her gaze toward her nightstand and groaned. Three-fifteen in the morning. Way too early to get up, so she snuggled deeper into the warmth.

Shelby was positive she had turned the thermostat up before going to bed. Maybe Jen had turned it down when she got home. At the moment, it felt as though there was no heat on at all. She thought about getting up to check, but she didn’t want to leave the warmth of the blankets.

Maybe she should start a fire. Her father had shown her a few times over the years how to build one, but she wasn’t sure she knew how to start one herself. Then she remembered they hadn’t brought wood in yesterday, so a fire was out of the question. She could wait until morning. Sleep would eventually come and then, hopefully, she would dream with her dream man.

Just as she was drifting off, she heard the scratching sound at her window. “Okay, okay, I’m getting up.” Shelby slipped the semi-warm covers off her shoulders and scooted her body toward the bottom of the bed. She leaned forward and patted, feeling for her warm, fluffy lavender robe. She felt the edge, and pulled it up, wrapping it around her body, cocooning herself in its warmth. She bent over and switched on her bedside light. Her legs swung over the side of the bed, but the moment her feet touched the cold planks, she let out a shriek. “Brrr . . . this floor’s freezing!” she exclaimed out loud, then continued to feel around the floor with her toes, trying to find her slippers. “Where are those damn things?” she whispered. “Ah, there you are,” she said, and slipped them on.
She looked toward the window. Frost formed on the pane, creating intricate patterns of ice crystals. She got up, wrapped her robe tighter, and walked towards the window.
“Whoa,” she said, as she peered out, her eyes wide. There must have been at least four to five feet of new snow, and it was still falling fast. The wind whipped the snow around so hard she could barely see the towering cedar directly in front of her window, or their car. “Good God . . .” she whispered softly. What the hell happened during the few hours she had slept? All she could see was white, everything thoroughly buried.

The trees swayed rapidly back and forth, as if in the rhythm of an excited dance. That must be what she heard—the grazing of a tree’s branches against the glass.

Shelby blinked rapidly and pressed her forehead against the pane. Her eyes must be playing tricks on her. Behind Jen’s car was an animal. She watched as it moved stealthily through the snow. It was an unusually large, orange and black striped cat. Were there tigers in Washington state? She knew bears, bobcats, and mountain lions inhabited this region. She knew what they looked like, and this was obviously not one of them.

Shelby turned around shakily and walked towards her bedroom door. She was going to wake Jen. Just as she reached the door, she heard the distinctive sound of scratching again. She glanced back over her shoulder. Her eyes opened wide, and her body jerked as a massive tree limb came crashing through her window. The noise was deafening. Shelby screamed and crouched down, covering her head with her arms. “What the . . .” she gasped. Then she was hit with a wave of cold air as it stormed into the room.
Splintered wood, glass, and debris rained down on top of her. When the noise subsided and the debris wasn’t pelting her anymore she peered up from between her arms. Her mouth hung open. She couldn’t believe what she saw. A large tree limb now lay directly in the center of her room. It was at least a foot in diameter. Her bed and everything else in the room was smashed to pieces. She didn’t know why, but she was thinking about that damn cat. She should be running for her life.

Her heart pounded wildly in her chest as she crossed the short distance to her bedroom door, seeking the safety she thought was on the other side.

Shelby pressed her back against the other side of the closed door, panting, trying to catch her breath. Her heart still pounded in her chest, her breathing coming fast in rapid succession.

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