"And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions." Joel 2:28

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

~~Guest Post~~ A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott

Author Jayde Scott stopped by with a teaser of her book A Job From Hell (Ancient Legends #1). Please join me in welcoming her :)

Hidden from mortal eyes are the creatures of darkness that coexist with mortals. Seventeen year old Amber enters their world by chance when her brother slash amateur thief, Dallas, sets her up with a summer job in Scotland. Dallas has spied something in the woods he thinks could make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. But instead of finding riches, Amber unknowingly enters a paranormal race—and promptly wins the first prize—a prize that comes with no refund or exchange policy, and for which many would kill. Soon, she discovers her new boss Aidan isn’t just a hottie and he didn’t employ her for her astounding housekeeping skills either. Amber manages to draw his attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

The novel unravels a tangled and intriguing world of forbidden love, dark bonds, and danger with plenty of humour along the way. As the dark forces slowly conspire against Amber, her naivety and love for Aidan catapults her into a calamitous series of otherworldly events.


It’s said people can sense their imminent death. Maybe they hear death’s song in the wind. Or the earth stops turning for a second, mourning those who are yet to pass. I spotted none of the signs when I dragged my tired body through the Otherworld, waiting for the winged demon guardians to pick me up and drop me back on the threshold to the world of the living.

It was a shiny object, beckoning to me from under a bush, that lured me into the killer’s trap. As I bent down and pushed my arm into the thicket, a sharp pain pierced my skin and teeth cut into my bone. I choked on my breath, my scream barely finding its way out of my throat. Panic rose inside me, followed by a sense of dread. I was trapped. Even if the immortals heard me, they couldn’t help me.

Blinded by fear, I pulled and kicked at the snarling creature peering out of the ground, all skin and bones and red, tangled hair. She was female, no doubt, but the way she tore through skin and muscles, slurping my blood, resembled no human being. Somewhere behind me, wings fluttered.

“Get the fire demons, Octavius. Turn that thing into burned toast,” someone yelled. In spite of my panic, I smiled as I recognized Cass’s voice inside my head.

Fire engulfed us, bathing the semi-darkness in a fiery glow. The creature screeched, but didn’t let go of my aching arm. If not even Cass’s angels and demons could scare it, nothing would.

My vision blurred, my strength waning. I could feel my blood pouring out of me in a long, constant flow until I thought I was floating. From the edge of my consciousness, I realized a black, winged demon had appeared by my side. A thick flame scorched my skin. I cried out in pain, the scream hurting my ears. My eyes rolled back in their sockets. The creature hissed, the slurping continued.

Something caressed my cheeks, its touch light as a feather. My breath came shallow, and my heart slowed down in my chest. I hung onto consciousness until I realized the stabbing pain was subsiding, so I let myself fall into oblivion, eager to escape. But I gather I’m not making much sense, so I shall start from the beginning. This is how I entered Aidan’s deadly, paranormal world.

Jayde Scott is a psychology graduate and writer most notable for creating the Ancient Legends series. She lives in London with her family and is a huge fan of baking chocolate cake and listening to indie music.

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