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Friday, June 8, 2012

~~Guest Post~~ Asleep in Heaven's Nursery by Tommy Mann

I am happy to have Tommy Mann author of Asleep in Heaven's Nursery stop by today with a guest post. Check out his post and where to fine him and his book :)

Each issue is thoroughly addressed and given concrete scriptural and logical support. As one who has found hope picturing his lost children Asleep in Heaven's Nursery, Tommy Mann brings a powerful message of renewal and consolation.

Author Bio 

Tommy was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, and he moved to Arlington, Texas, where he received his bachelor's degree in Bible from Arlington Baptist College. While in Texas Tommy met and married his wife Alicia, and they live in South Carolina with their daughter Reagan.

While in college Tommy served as a youth pastor for three years in Grand Prairie, Texas. In January of 2008 he was called to be the pastor of students at Philippi Baptist Church in Union, South Carolina, where he is presently serving.

Have you experienced the loss of a child?

Unfortunately, 1 in 4 women will. 25% of women have been touched by child loss, and this also impacts fathers, grandparents, siblings, and other friends and family. Each tragedy has a rippling affect that leaves many people with broken hearts.

For years this has been a taboo subject; women were expected to grieve for a day and then get on with their lives. More often than not these mourning parents keep their hurts locked away, never properly grieving, while an emotional wedge is driven into their lives.

If you are among the millions of mothers who have lost a child, I want to you know that it is ok to cry, ask questions, be angry, and wonder what could have been. If you are one of these hurting fathers, I want you to know that you too can cry. You have been through a lot, and mourning is both natural and good.

And there is good news: your child is in heaven. Every life that is conceived has a soul, and once his short life is over, his soul is taken immediately to the presence of God.

In Asleep in Heaven’s Nursery the case is made to show that life begins at conception, heaven is a real place where our lost children go, and that there is an “age ofaccountability,” which is the Christian belief that young children are not accountable to choose right or wrong.

The book also addresses the delicate topic of abortion, which is not held against the child, and for which the parents can find forgiveness. The case is made that adoption is a good alternative to abortion, and it answers the questions of whether abortion is ok in the cases of rape, incest, or for the health of the mother.

The book is available at my website www.tommymannministries.com

Where to fine Tommy Mann:
Blog: www.tommycmann.blogspot.com
Facebook: Tommy Mann Ministries
Twitter: @TommyCMann

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