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Monday, April 9, 2012

Bullying...On the job???

I just wanted to touch a little bit on a topic that I feel needs to be addressed to those of you who work full-time (or part-time). The topic is called Work Place Bulling. Workplace bullying, in my opinion, is the worst kind of bullying.

Yes, we all have been bullied as a child growing up, but never in my life would I have imagined that bullying can be at the workplace. I have done some research on the topic and I thought I would share it with you all.

The Work Place Bullying Institute states that 35% of the U.S. workforce reported being bullied at work. Here is a brief description of workplace bullying: Bullying is a systematic campaign of interpersonal destruction that jeopardizes your health, your career, the job you once loved. Bullying and non-physical, non-homicidal form of violence and, because it is violence and abusive, emotional harm frequently results.

If you’re being bullied at work The Work Place Bullying Institute suggest that you use a three step method.

Step 1: Name it! Legitimatize Yourself

Step 2: Take time off to Heal & Launch a Counterattack

Step 3: Expose the Bully

For more detail information go to workplacebullying.org Please feel free to comment if you would like.



  1. It is very surreptitious, but it can happen as group think as well. Completely logically seeming people use illogic to justify their actions, or stereotyping or wrong headed thinking or mistakes legitimized. Such can be the foundation for bullying behaviors that are subtle yet aggressive. When in doubt, meditate, pray and breathe, then rethink what you are doing and how you are responding. You must not enable bullies. You do not want to be a part of their destructive mess...they are not well, nor do they think well of themselves.

    Didn't mean to get into it, but I was a HS teacher and saw a lot of student bullying before bully laws were passed. Now I'm retired. Most kids were wonderful but some were very troubled. The bullying ones were troubled and needed more help, oftentimes, than the bullied. Interesting dynamic.

    In any case, followed your blog via Networked blogs and joined it, also. Return the favor? Follow my blog and join mine also? Thanks appreciate it. (from blog tours)

  2. Thank you for responding. Just to let you know I am following you. I Think a lot of times people get bullied and don't realize it. I too experience the same on the job. That's why I posted this on my blog. To make people more aware and let them know just because you have a job, and you think you might lose it if you say something, is small compare to your health.