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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Teaser!!

Here is a excerpt of Purr Island
Enjoy :)

If you want your kitten, come to Purr Island and bring the son of the Lukos traitor.” I kept playing that message over and over on Cherish phone.
“Uhm...the message is not going to change Ale,” Cherish said as she looked down at me with her arms crossed over chest. I sat at the dining room table at Vora’s house. It took me about an hour to get back here after I stormed out 4 hours ago.
Vora, Cherish, Lacy, Truffle and I were in the dining room. Everyone one was silent. I played the message that the Lukos left on Cherish’s phone. They took Fran and it was my fault.
“Ale...honey playing the message over and over is not going to get her back. We need to figure out a plan to get her,” Cherish kept talking. I was trying to listen to here but I couldn’t help but think about the message those punk Lukos left.
When Cherish called me and told me that Fran was gone I didn’t think twice about coming back. I apologize to Vora for my behavior. She apologized back and said that she was the one that should be sorry. I forgave her but I was still upset that she did not tell me that her and my father had an affair. how could he do that to my mom. I could see if they had a thing before he meet my mother but after? that was uncall for. I didn’t have time to go over the detail and I really didn’t want to. My main focus was to get Fran back.
“I know...I just...I don’t know.” I ran my finger threw my black hair that was in need of gel. It has been a day since I have became a Lukos and already I looked and smelt like a wild animal.
“Give me the phone back else you’re going to go nuts playing that message over and over again,” Cherish said. I handed her phone back to her and then I tucked my hands under my chin.
“What do we do now,” Lacy asked trying find out if anyone thought of a plan while we sat in silence.
“We’re going to Purr Island to get her,” I stated as if the idea of going to Purr Island was a no brainer.
“Going to Purr Island is not that easy,” Truffle said. Truffle is Vora friend. He is a Lukos as well but a cool one. he does not approve of Heath’s leadership. even though Heath is only half Lukos and half Cerna Kocka (black cat), and also my uncle.
“That Island has more guards than the White House. The only way we can get into Purr Island is if we knew a  Cerna Kocka on the island that could be our eyes and ears.”
I know someone,” Vora said.
“Of course you do,” I stated. “So what are we waiting for?”
“Easy tiger we have to come up with a plan else we will be facing death. Especially you Ale. Kidnapping Fran was the preface plot. He has been watching you for months now. Heath knows the only way to get you was to take something you love so much and use it as bait.” truffle looked at me. I knew what he was saying was true. Heath wanted my blood so bad that he was willing to do anything to get it. If he had to lie, cheat and steal.
“So let’s come up with a plan. Vora contact the Cerna that you know on the island so that we can get an idea of what we are working with.” She nodded her head and got out of her seat. “I am also going to need a map of the island. Does anyone have one?”
“I do in my suit case,” Truffle stated as he got up to retrieve the map. If I can get a feel of how the island is structured then we can maneuver around it better. But there is only one problem...where exactly on the island did he take her?” I threw up my hands, “I don’t have time to figure out the details just now. We just needed to get everything that we need together.”
I turned to Cherish.
“Cherish I need you on weapons. We are going to need some fire power to take some of them down.” Cherish is good with handling guns and knives and things so I put her in charge of that stuff.
“I’m on it,” she said as she disappearing down the hallway.
“Lacy I need you to handle communications, so that mean walkie talkies, cell phone, bluetooth anything that we can communicate with each other in a timely manner.” She nodded her head.
 “I think I can handle that,” Lacy got out of her chair and went into the living room to get her laptop.  I felt it was necessary for everyone to have apart in this. Even though it looked like I had it together, I was a nervous wreck. I had so many emotions running through me. I was angry, scared, sad, and in love. I thought about Fran’s beautiful smile and her earthly sent. She smelt like pine cones and trees.
As I was thinking about Fran and all of the special times we had, Truffle broke my concentration by laying the map out on the table.
“Here you go Ale.  This is the whole island included the center were Heath is staying.” I took a look at the map. The island was small and full of green on the paper.
“What is with all the green on here?”
“It’s the trees and the forest. Purr Island has a lot of vegetation. Which is the problem. If you’re not from there then you can get lost. And if an outsider is lost then someone will find them ripped in pieces for stew meat.” I wiggled my noise at the thought of being sliced up.
“Yeah, no we need a guide.”
“I contacted a friend of mine,” Vora said as she was coming down the stairs.  “Her name is Napaula. She will help us get into the island and then we can stay with her. She will be our eyes and ears.” I nodded my head.
“OK that’s great. Now all we need to do is figure out how not to get lost or killed going through this island.
As truffle explained each section of the island like who lives along the shore and what to look out for just in case we run into another animal, the door bell rung.
“I’ll get it,” Cherish said as she ran to get the door.” Who could it be at this time, I though. I looked at my watch to fine that it was midnight.
“Hey thanks for coming...yeah ...no he is back...in the dining room,” I heard her muffled voice in the other room.
“Hey, Ale I’m happy your safe.” I turned around to see who it was that called my name.
“Jay? What are you doing here?”
“Cherish called me to see if I knew where you were. I said no. She sounded so sad over the phone. I wanted to help. So I borrowed my mom’s car to come over. It took me all of one hour to find this place. I almost ran off the cliff coming up the hill.” I was happy to see Jay, but I was a bit more baffled that Cherish would even call him to help. When she turned him down on the way going to Tackle Tim’s after the championship game, I didn’t think he would want anything to do with her. I guess he was hit by the love bug like I was with Fran. I don’t know what those Cerna’s do to make themselves irresistible.
I looked over at Cherish squinting my eyes at her and crossed my arms over my chest. She didn’t like Jay so I really don’t know why she called him in the first place.
 “Uhmm Jay Cherish need to talk to you in the living room,” I said not taking my eyes off of her. Her eyes got wide with confusion.
“Really,”Jay said with excitement.  
“Yeah just go in the living room she will be right with you,” I said glancing over at him. His eyes light up like a Christmas tree.
“OK,” he said turning to walked towards the living room area. When he was out of sight I turned towards Cherish, but before I could turn my head fully she rushed up to me hitting me on the arm. It did hurt much just a little sting.
“What are you doing pup? I don’t need to talk to him about anything,” She said in a low whisper trying not to be too loud. She peek over my shoulder to make sure he was out of sight.
            “Why did you call him? It is too dangerous for him to be here.” I said matching my tone to hers.
“What was I supposed to do? I could not call your mom and say ‘hey Mrs. Calderon your son just found out that your husband was having an affair with our leader and he stormed out. You would by chance know where he is’” As soon as she said that fire in my chest began to heat back up. I closed my eye and took two deep breaths.
“Oh pup am sorry for bring that up, but you know what I mean.” I held up my left hand for her to stop talking well I had my eyes closed.
“Cherish, before something happens to Jay you need to inform him of what we are.”
“What? Why me?”
“Because you’re the one that called him, and now he is here. So it is your duty to tell him everything that is going on included the fact the you’re a “black cat”,’ I stated using my pointer and middle finger to make quotes in the air.
“He is your friend why can’t you tell him.”
            “Because I am not the one he is in love with. The man would go to the moon for you. Trust me I saw it in his eyes. If you tell him to hunt and rabbit for you and kill it he might just do it because you asked him.” I heard a low rumble in her throat.
“Fine I will tell him.” She said throwing her hands in the air. Cherish walked with grace down the hall and into the next room. I shook my head and brought my attention back to viewing the map of Purr Island with Truffle.
“So I was looking at this map,” Truffle said breaking the silence in the air.
“If we come in through this entrance then we will be able to get into the main courters through the back. The real tricky question is where is Heath keeping her.” I crossed my left arm over my chest, and rested the right on it rubbed my chin as I process everything Truffle was saying.
“What about here,” I asked pointing to the brown area that was not covered in green color, “couldn’t we get in threw this way. It looks like best way to get to the back rather than going through the trees.”
“We cannot go through there. That’s main area the Lukos stay. There are not too fond of trees that’s why it is best to go through them. The Cernas are the only ones that can handle the trees. Lukos like open space,” Vora said.
“Then why do they want to take over an island that is full of greenery?’
“You might remember what I told you Ale their land is desolate. So they are not use to the greenery. Once they can completely take over I am sure the vegetation and greenery will die because they would know how to take care of it.”
I nodded my head. “I guess that make sense.” Not really but what ever.

The Lukos Trilogy 
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